Pity Party

Hey girl, what’s up with you?
Sittin’ there lookin’ sorrowful
Life ain’t bad unless you make it
Stand up and smile!

Ain’t no pity party here.

You say you wanna’ look pretty
But you don’t like lace.
You ain’t gotta be frilly,
Put some make-up on your face.

Car broke in your garage?
Hate going out alone?
You don’t need no entourage
Just get you some backbone.

Looka’ here girl, so you ain’t got a man
Check yourself, are you doing all you can?
You don’t want him, if he ain’t tall, handsome and lean
Look in the mirror: you ain’t no beauty queen.

What do you call yourself
Plump, heavy or overweight?
It really don’t matter,
‘Cause they all mean fat.

And fat don’t leave with the help of Corn Flakes.
You got to do something else, girl.
Do whatever it takes.

Look baby, I gotta’ go
And with this note of cheer,
Be thankful God granted you life,
‘Cause ain’t no pity party, here.

Have you ever had one of those days when everything was “one time too many”? This was one of those days. I didn’t feel pretty; my Datsun B210 broke down, again; some guy (whose name I don’t remember) and I broke up; and I thought I was all alone, believing no one’s life was like mine, again.

While I was looking in the mirror, those words came to mind. I wrote them, and immediately felt better. I didn’t look any different, my car was still not working, and my weight didn’t change. “Be thankful God granted you life” changed my mindset. I had been through many challenges by 1988. At 26 years old, I had lived with an abusive drug addict for 3 years; bore 3 children; and had been sick unto death with toxins running through my body, needing 5 blood transfusions. Oh, I forgot, homeless. But God granted me life. The song says: “when nothing else could help, Love lifted me.”

Yes, I was feeling sorry for myself that day, but it was minor compared to what I had already experienced in my life. I was healthy again, working again, smiling again, and far away from any abuse. I was going to church and had a fellowship within the young women there. God had granted me life. I got up, got my children and myself together. They went to school and I went to the bus stop. I was smiling, still without make-up, ’cause I never believed I needed it.

We are not broken vessels.


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